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Shrink wrapping

We offer the most cost effective method of protecting & displaying images: Shrink Wrapping on Cardboard or Foam Core.

Shrink wrap, or shrink film, is a transparent polymer plastic film.  When heated, it shrinks tightly over the item being covered.  Shrink Wrapping seals, protects & improves overall package appearance.  We typically shrink wrap our Posters & Art Prints for retail display.  Shrink Wrap is very similar to PlasticPac, an inexpensive framing alternative.

Shrink wrap encloses an item & presents a clean, professional finish.


Its also used to wrap books, boxes & other items requiring protection from elements, dirt, dust, water, oily hand prints from handling while flattening out posters against cardboard for convenient image display & retail selection.

Other common uses in the art world include protection of sensitive surfaces such like Chalk & Pencil Drawings, Caricatures, Water Color Paintings, Newspaper Articles, Magazine Covers, Kids’ Finger Painting Art & helping hold multi-layer items in place, in which case shrinkage is a good thing.

Shrink wrap can also be applied over packages for tamper resistance or inclusion of product labels.  It can also contain multiple posters or art prints for storage or transportation.


Remember:  “Nobody questions Shrink Wrap”

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