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Photo Printing Referral

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We refer to
Fast Foto of Bloomington for professional printing. 
Send your photos for printing
We'll pick up your photos & bring them to POSTERS ON BOARD for framing or mounting.

When providing your image, please select the HIGHEST resolution possible for best results.

iphone photo.jpeg

Several photo surfaces, such as luster & satin, provide a nice glare-free finish that may not even need glass in picture framing.

Mounting Photos on Wood or even Foam Core is also an excellent option!  No Glare, Clean Edges & a Contemporary Presentation!

More cost effective that most framing, too!

If your ultimate goal is to Frame your image, Foam Core Mounting is an excellent choice, as it is one of the 1st steps used in Framing.

Copyright Images: By placing your order you are stating that you have copyright ownership or permission for the images you upload & agree to hold Posters On Board harmless in any claim of copyright infringement related to the production of the products you are ordering.   Providing information documenting permission to print copyright images is required.

Please note: To keep costs down, we contract with a locally owned printing business which excels in quality, without cutting corners.

We make every attempt to keep your project within budget & on schedule.

“A good photograph is knowing where to stand.”
– Ansel Adams

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