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Shadow Box Framing

IMG_6842, Mezzenga, Mukluks, Oct 2020.JP

Mukluks & Choppers

These handmade Mukluks & Choppers, made of Moose Hide, go back a long time & have significant family history.  Heirlooms like this need proper preservation, with Ultra-Violet Protective Glass, Acid-Free materials & a Quality Wood Frame.   A lot of care goes into layout, arrangement & attachment of objects in a shadow box frame, but the final display is well worth the efforts.

Law Enforcement Memorabilia

Shadow Box Framing

A Shadow Box is an enclosed, glass picture frame that can hold & display items that have value or particular meaning for an individual. Create your own custom Shadowbox with  our assistance. Bring your ideas, items & together we'll select the perfect treatment to display your treasures.  These Shadow Boxes are deeper than our standard picture frames & designed to store & display your precious mementos. 

Our Staff Cares

Rest Assured.  We'll secure & care for your items as if they were our own.  The whole process is clean, secure & your items will not leave the building. 

The Layout & Attaching of Memorabilia at it's best!

The Creative Process

We have a lot of experience creating beautiful shadow box frames & love the challenge of creating the perfect one for you.  Let us help you turn that shoe box full of mementos into a beautifully framed centerpiece!

The Creation Phase of a Shadow Box Frame.


Thank you Officer Marty Earley, for your years of public service & for trusting us at Posters On Board with a Career's worth of Memories!

Police Officer, Retired, Shadow Box Frames

Other Shadow Box Frame Ideas

Pet Memorial Shadow Box Frame

Remembering your Pet

Here's another example of a very respectful remembrance of a best friend.

Letter Jacket

Might not be able to fit in it any more, so why not frame it?

Letter Jacket, Shadow Box, Frame, School Spirit

Doll Dress

Special memories of hand-made heirlooms!

Doll Dress, Shadow Box, Frame, Heirloom
IMG_7074, Kula Olson, Lab Coat, Shadow B

Lab Coat

Sentimental collection of a Doctor's University Studies!

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