Shadow Box Framing

Mukluks & Choppers

These handmade Mukluks & Choppers, made of Moose Hide, go back a long time & have significant family history.  Heirlooms like this need proper preservation, with Ultra-Violet Protective Glass, Acid-Free materials & a Quality Wood Frame.   A lot of care goes into layout, arrangement & attachment of objects in a shadow box frame, but the final display is well worth the efforts.

Law Enforcement Memorabilia

Shadow Box Framing

A Shadow Box is an enclosed, glass picture frame that can hold & display items that have value or particular meaning for an individual. Create your own custom Shadowbox with  our assistance. Bring your ideas, items & together we'll select the perfect treatment to display your treasures.  These Shadow Boxes are deeper than our standard picture frames & designed to store & display your precious mementos. 

Our Staff Cares

Rest Assured.  We'll secure & care for your items as if they were our own.  The whole process is clean, secure & your items will not leave the building. 

The Creative Process

We have a lot of experience creating beautiful shadow box frames & love the challenge of creating the perfect one for you.  Let us help you turn that shoe box full of mementos into a beautifully framed centerpiece!


Thank you Officer Marty Earley, for your years of public service & for trusting us at Posters On Board with a Career's worth of Memories!

Another Shadow Box Frame Idea

Remembering your Pet

Here's another example of a very respectful remembrance of a best friend.

Bring Your ideas & let's create!

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