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Foam COre Mounting

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We offer a cost effective method of displaying images: 


Foam Core Mounting.

Foam Core, also known as Foam Board, is a light weight & sturdy material used for the mounting of photographic prints & similar graphic art items. 


You often see these on easels at trade shows, used as signs, promoting products & providing directions.

Foam Board made up of three layers. The inner layer is made of polystyrene foam, with the two outer layers made of black or white acid-free paper.

Mounting to a substrate provides a flat, smooth & rigid surface.  After the image is mounted onto the Foam Core Board, the board is then trimmed so the artwork is inset or flush to the edge of the board & so that the edges are even on all sides.  

Foam Core Mounting for Map Pins.jpg

Stick a Pin in it !

Foam Core is the perfect material for Map Pins, Tacks, Marker Flags, etc.  It is rigid, yet light weight. 


For a more finished appearance, a Frame can be added too!

In addition to displaying on an easel, we also offer Adhesive Picture Hangers (Zig-Zag Hangers) made of high-density plastic & a pressure sensitive foam-backed adhesive on one side.  


The foam-backed adhesive grips the smooth surface of Foam Board tenaciously.  Adhesive Hangers are also used to hang other types of light weight artwork, photos, matted prints, posters, etc.

If your ultimate goal is to Frame your image, Foam Core Mounting is an excellent choice, as it is one of the 1st steps used in Framing.

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