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Frequently asked Framing questions

How much does custom framing cost? 

Pricing your project will depend on many factors like size, frame selection, matting, type of glass, mounting technique & other elements.   Bring your art in & we'll try different design suggestions with it.   The best news is we have options available to meet the needs of every budget & style!

Will someone assist me with style choices & layout?


YES, our framing design consultants love this process.   If you have no idea where to begin, we will guide you from the start.   Bring a photo of the space & share your vision for your art.   Where will it hang?   What kind of style do you embrace in that space?     Will it be by a window or in a hallway?   In the end, we want you to leave with something that preserves the artwork & feels personal for you.   We're here to help as much as you need! 

Will you work with the frame I have?

YES!  We do this all the time!  If you have a vintage frame, handmade frame, or store-bought frame, bring it in.   We will take careful measurements to custom cut a mat border & glass, mount the artwork & fit it all into your existing frame.

Can I purchase just a Mat or Glass from you?

YES!   If you have a frame & all you need is the mat or glass, we can cut it for you so it fits perfectly.   Bring your frame in to our shop & we'll ensure the measurements are correct & the mat opening will work. 

Are your materials Archival & Acid-Free?

YES. Our mats are all acid free & we offer archival quality glass, materials for mounting & more.   If your art is an original, oversized or requires extra care, our staff will offer the advise you seek.

What is your standard turnaround time?

Our standard turnaround time is a week & a half, but if you need something in a hurry, let us know!   We can accommodate rush orders.

Will you fix warping & de-laminating on the "frame" I bought from that meatball & furniture store? 

No.  We all make mistakes in life & the lesson to be learned here is:  "we get what we pay for."

Why is Conservation Framing important?

Everything deteriorates over time with exposure to the environment. Conservation Framing with archival materials is designed to minimize deterioration & protect artwork.

If artwork is not properly framed with archival materials, it can become stained & damaged in just a few years.  Archival, acid-free materials protect your investment in art or sentimental keepsakes.

Conservation Framing ensures that all the materials used in framing & matting will preserve & protect the artwork from physical damage.

Because conservation framing materials are made to be permanent, they feature colors that will not fade & mat cores that are pure & clean… attributes that will maintain the aesthetics of your framed items for years to come.

Artwork should be spaced far enough from the glazing materials to provide an air space to prevent the condensation of moisture onto the paper.  Spacing is achieved by the use of a mat or spacer between the glazing & artwork.

For pastels, additional spacing should be provided so that chalk dust does not fall on the cut edges of the mats as time passes.

Consider Conservation Framing if your art is worth preserving.  This can include original artwork, limited editions, photographs, keepsakes & your child’s first drawings.

That concert poster you purchased for a few bucks can be a treasured memento if properly framed.  Memorabilia of all kinds can be framed to preserve it for posterity.

Conservation Framing is a smart investment to preserve your treasures & keepsakes!

If you have a question, Call us at 612 861-7274 or message us:

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