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Ready Made Frames

Insert your own art & Save!

Ready-Made Frames are available in several common sizes:

8 x 10"

11 x 14"

16 x 20"

18 x 24"

24 x 36"

27 x 40"

13.5 x 40"

Most Ready-Made Frames are Black or Dark Brown in color.

Ready-Made White Mats are available for

8 x 10" Frames to accommodate

4 x 6" or 5 x 7" images.

 Frames Include:

Frame Moulding, Real Glass, Backing & Hardware for easy assembly & hanging.

Our Diploma Special is the best package available for the price.

Diploma Special on Back Order... Contact Us for similar alternatives.

Includes Solid Wood Frame, Archival Mat, Wood Fillet, 99% Ultra Violet Protective Glass & Micro Chamber Liner.

ready made frame.jpg

Ready-Made Frames range from about $30 - $99, depending on size & materials.

Need a frame as soon as possible? 
Call ahead for an appointment, if expedited service is needed.   We'll do all we can, as materials & staffing permit.

Fine Print:  We DO have quality standards.  We do not offer compressed sawdust & foil frames such as those seen next to the meatball section at that Assemble-It-Yourself store.  Ick.

We DO, however, offer hundreds of options to treat your art to a quality framing option that it deserves.

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