IMG_6056, Jones, Cabin Watercolor, June
IMG_5927, Wenzel, Minneapolis Triptych,
IMG_6231, Glasscock, Minnehaha Falls, Ju
IMG_6003, Gilsdorf, Newspaper Collage, J
IMG_6234, Hertsgaard, WaterColors, June
IMG_5987, Hile, Bunnies, June 2020.JPG
IMG_5950, Trepanier, Nature Print, June
IMG_6074, Whitelock, Animation Cel, June

Framing Samples

IMG_5848, Doll, Desolation Island, May 2
IMG_6017, Hatten, Cool Stuff City, June
IMG_6004, Hope, Floral Oil Painting, Fra
IMG_5946, Jubera, Watercolor Haircut, Ju
IMG_6076, Wenzel, StPaul Triptych, June
IMG_5889, Lissarrague, Framed Original A
IMG_6053, Possehl, Minneapolis, June 202
IMG_6078, Wenzel, Oz, July 2020.JPG
IMG_5988, Nierzwicki, Dave Matthews Band
IMG_5897, Wittwen, Retirement Caracature
IMG_6232, Aaker, Jam Session, June 2020.
IMG_5903, Welby, Turman, Safe, June 2020
IMG_6075, Lutteneggar, Whitefish Lake, J

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