NO-Coupon philosophy

Our   NO-Coupon   Philosophy



Think you're saving money when you use a coupon?   Think again.

Big-box stores use coupons to lure you into their store for impersonal service, discounts off very restricted & expensive frames or their discontinued mouldings.   Their so-called 'savings' DON'T include the Glass, Matting, Backing, Labor or any customized work.  NO savings on Same-Day Service, 'Value' Packages or any other element of a typical framing project either.

That's B.S.

We don't hide behind big box fine print.  If using a coupon makes you feel good, that's great... but you'll ultimately be spending a lot more at a big box, with fewer choices, inexperienced service, lower quality & you'll be sending your money to Ohio, Texas or Oklahoma.

With our "No B.S." approach to fair pricing, you'll be supporting a Woman & Veteran Owned Frame Shop, you'll be helping a Single Mom raise Two Awesome Children, you'll be supporting a local brick & mortar business... PLUS, you're going to feel a whole lot better about making your art look GREAT & keeping some of your hard earned money in your pocket.

Don't fall for the big box coupon scam.

Frame your art at Posters On Board.

Bring Your ideas & let's create!

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