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NO-Coupon philosophy

POSTERS ON BOARD Mission Statement

Our   NO-Coupon   Philosophy



Think you're saving money when you use a coupon?   Think again.

Big-box stores use coupons to lure you into their store for impersonal service, discounts off very restricted & expensive frames or their discontinued mouldings.   Their so-called 'savings' DON'T include the Glass, Matting, Backing, Labor or any customized work.  NO savings on Same-Day Service, 'Value' Packages or any other element of a typical framing project either.

That's B.S.

We don't hide behind big box fine print.  If using a coupon makes you feel good, that's great... but you'll ultimately be spending a lot more at a big box, with fewer choices, inexperienced service, lower quality & you'll be sending your money to Ohio, Texas or Oklahoma.

With our "No B.S." approach to fair pricing, you'll be supporting a Woman & Veteran Owned Frame Shop, you'll be helping local artists &
supporting a local brick & mortar business... PLUS, you're going to feel a whole lot better about making your art look GREAT & keeping some of your hard earned money in your pocket.

Don't fall for the big box coupon scam.

Frame your art at Posters On Board.

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'Big Box Stores' vs. Custom Framers


We've all done it... tried to save some money by buying a ready-made frame at a big box store & cramming your artwork in to it.   Or taking your artwork to a 'craft store' & having them frame it because you got a huge discount coupon.  We’re not judging anyone, there is a time & place for a ready-made or inexpensive frame. It is a great way to display your snapshots, inexpensive posters & other things that have little monetary or sentimental value.  But, please consider a Custom Framer for your more important prints, photos & artwork. We’ve seen many precious pieces ruined because someone tried to save money.  So, here’s the difference between the Big Box Stores & Custom Framers…  Craft Stores sell cheap stuff & pretend to be custom framers...  how many Custom Framers do you see selling hot glue guns, fabric & glitter?   Custom Framers specialize in caring for your cherished pieces that deserve the treatment that only an independent custom frame shop can provide!


Price:  Occasionally, people are a little surprised by the cost of custom framing.  We’ve seen the concerned look on customer's faces when they are given a quote, so let’s take a little mystery out of the price of custom framing.  First of all, your framing is CUSTOM.  It’s done just for you, by a skilled designer & framer.  Custom Framers offer a huge selection of mouldings & mats, because we order everything from our suppliers just for your specific job.  Big box stores have a limited selection of moldings which they carry in volume... less selection for the customer... big profit for them.


Quality:  As Custom Framers we care about what you’re framing.  Our reputation rides on your work looking as good as humanly possible.  We only use the finest quality materials, acid-free matting, conservation glass & real metal & wood mouldings.


Discounts:  Coupons are misleading.  You’ve seen the weekly 50-75% off coupons that big box stores run.  The math is simple… These stores start with extremely high prices so they can present the illusion of steep discounts.  Custom Framers offer reasonable prices & don’t try to fool you with fake deals.  We recently had a customer come in our shop who’d been to a 'craft store' to get her framing done. After selecting her choices & getting a quote, she wasn't quite happy with her selection & decided to try a Custom Framer.  She came in to get an idea of cost, because she wanted it to look nice, but was on a budget.  After choosing a beautiful frame & mat for her project, we gave her a quote.  To her surprise, our price was $100 less that the big box store's 60% off coupon price!


Shop Locally:  Studies show that when you buy from an independent, locally owned business, rather than a nationally owned business, most of your money is used to make purchases from other local businesses.  It’s your choice: Strengthen our own community OR send your hard-earned money to Dallas, Oklahoma City or Cleveland.   Choose wisely.

Please let us earn the opportunity to become your framer!

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