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Poster Repair

Make Your Poster Great Again!

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We Repair Damaged Posters


Have an old, tattered poster you'd like to display?  We can take ripped, cracked, delaminated, torn, burned, taped, cut, dirty, water damaged, folded, spindled & mutilated prints & make them pleasingly viewable.   We don't claim they will be like brand new again, but so much improved that you will be pleasantly surprised at the results!

The Challenge

In this scenario, a customer brought us a well-loved poster from his childhood to have revived.  Arriving in pieces, we presented options, agreed on a solution & tackled the project.

The Repair Process

With the utmost care, we meticulously clean & flatten print elements, apply the best treatment & prepare a mounting plan.   We vacuum mount the poster to a complimentary colored board.   If desired, we'll touch up areas with tinting & shading to de-emphasize problem areas.

The Result

This customer didn't want creases touched up, but did select a board color similar to the poster to enhance the overall 'patina' appearance recalled from many years of enjoyment since childhood.  In this instance, a Matte Finish Acrylic was added to protect the image & smooth out the appearance.   Gloss Acrylic is also available for a greater sheen.

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