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Superior Hiking Trail (SHT),  North Country Trail (NCT), Waterproof Map by Keith Myrmel.  Wood Mounted, can hang side by side or top to bottom (as depictied).  Hot Selling Poster includes Minnesota's North Shore Drive, from Grand Marais to Duluth.  Lake Superior is portrayed along the beautiful and artistic North Shore.  Awesome Print!  Also available as just a Poster - Only: $38


As featured in the Minneapolis Star Tribune - March 29, 2018 (excerpt follows)


When he started drawing the map, Myrmel said his goals were fairly simple. “I initially decided the trail, campsites & related information for hikers was primarily what I wanted to put on it,” he said.   “I thought the rivers & water sources were important, & roads, parking & access points were needed for planning purposes.”


For those landmarks, Myrmel used mainly calligraphy pens, colored pencils & markers, but had to experiment to find the best medium to color the land & the water areas.   “I tried markers, oil paints, acrylic & water color paints,” he said.   “The only one that worked well was water colors, but that wrinkled the paper.   I spent a lot of time spraying water on the backside of the map & using weights & newsprint to try & flatten the vellum paper.   And I reworked the colors three or four times to get the effect I wanted.”


For a video interview with Keith Myrmel:



North Country Trail, Superior Hiking Trail Section MAP

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