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Posters On Board, like our name suggests, is all about mounting your paper-based art to board for displaying on walls. Wood Mounting, An Economical Picture Framing Alternative

What's Wood Mounting?

Crayon Drawings, Water Color and Finger Paintings are great with the color choices we offer Kids' Art is Very Popular to have Wood Mounted at Posters On Board

Looking for a cool way to display your kids' art?     Wood Mount them!   


At Posters On Board, you can choose from our 25 stock colors or pick a custom color of your choice to compliment your individual creation!   


The art can be of any 2-dimensional shape which will even allow for more board color to show & enhance each individual masterpiece.   


If desired, a Non-Glare or Glossy Acrylic Coating is sprayed on the surface for an enhanced look & add a layer of protection. 


Board Mounting your Art is a Great Picture Framing Alternative!


Star of the North, by Adam Turman, is a screen print available at Posters On Board We Prominently Feature Local Twin Cities & Minnesota Artists, like Adam Turman

Since 1984, Posters On Board has been offering Wood Mounting as an  Economical Picture Framing Alternative.


Once you have a item mounted, it's easy to get hooked on this versatile & economical process.


What can be Wood Mounted?


Posters, Art Prints, Diplomas, Certificates, Photographs, Kids' Art, letters, Book Covers, Program Covers, Sheet Music, Brochures, Menus, Maps, Greeting Cards, Cartoons, Drawings, Labels, Calendar Pages, Puzzles... the list goes on & on.


Your Art


Please send us your art to have Wood Mounted!    The newspaper page of your child at soccer practice, or the picture your grandchild drew in art class.    The Mounting Order Form is available for you to place an order.


Be Creative


Most items that are paper-based are perfect candidates for custom mounting on wood.    Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your art & its ability to be Wood Mounted.


Music Sheets, Playbills, Kids' Art, Magazine & News Paper Pages & Certificates are good examples of what works well with the Posters On Board process Wood Mounting works well for most Paper Based Images

Wood Mounting is Permanent


The Posters On Board  Wood Mounting Process is Permanent!    That's what makes it perfect for so many things!   We may still recommend traditional framing for collectibles, but if its the look you like, we can do it!




The item being done is permanently vacuum mounted to a solid, yet light-weight, 3/8 inch thick board.    This backing is cut with beveled edges & painted in your choice of colors.    The painted, beveled edge creates a border around your art, for an attractive, subtle framing effect.




Since there is no glass in front of the mounted art, we apply a protective, matte finish, acrylic coating to the surface of the artwork, making it resistant to dust, minor soiling & fading.




A Wood Mounted item comes with sturdy metal sawtooth hangers attached on the back.  Weight is about the same as an item framed with glass so there is NO need to find wall studs.  Even the largest items hang securely on sheet rock walls.  This process is very similar to the Plak mounting styles seen in Canada & Europe.


Framing may still be recommended for some materials


Posters On Board does Custom Framing too!   Although most paper based items & photos are perfect for Wood Mounting, a few items are still recommended for traditionally framing.   These items include chalk drawings on black paper, items with laminated backing & multiple layered things.   Please call us if you have questions.    Click for Phone Number & E-Mail Address


COLOR !      TINT !      HUE!     CHROMA !     DYE !    PIGMENT !

There are also unlimited Custom Colors from which you can choose 25 Standard Colors offered for our Wood Mounting process


Pick From ANY Color in the Rainbow!


POSTERS ON BOARD has 25 standard colors in stock, OR you can choose from 1000s of custom colors for a minimal extra charge.   The choices are endless!  


If you can dream the color, we can provide it for your Custom Wood Mounting & you'll love the look!    Its really an excellent Economical Picture Framing Alternative!

Rescue That Old Picture !

It won't be perfect, but quite displayable once Wood Mounted by Posters On Board A tattered, torn & stained poster can be made presentable with our Wood Mounting



If you have a print that has seen its better days, let POSTERS ON BOARD breathe a little life back into it! 


In this example, we took a poster, crumpled it up, tore the edges, folded parts, broke the surface's ink up & then we cut it in half & restored the right half.  The left side shows the original damaged print tacked & taped to the wall.  The right side is the finished & restored poster & while not perfect, it is very displayable again! 


Bring in your damaged Print for a consultation & we can show you what our Experienced Staff & Wood-Mounting process can do! 

Big Posters, Diptychs & Triptychs

Blue Prints from years back work well as wood-mounted images. A Large Blue Print Image divided in to halves, a 'diptych.'

This board-mounted image has beveled exterior edges & square interior edges allowing the 2 parts to be hung very close together.

Posters & other Art can be divided up in any number of smaller parts & hung together for a unique look This extremely wide poster, was divided into a triptych for Wood Mounting

This Basketball Player print is 72" wide.   By carefully trimming it into 3 elements, wood mounting them separately & hanging them side by side, we turned the poster into a 'triptych' that looks great!

Sequential View of The Board Mounting Product

For approximate pricing, check out the Wood Mounting Order Form.


Board-Mounting.  The Cost: Right, the Look: Great!


An Economical Picture Framing Alternative...

Posters On Board's   Wood Mounting !

What do you have that could be Board Mounted?

Creativity is Intelligence having Fun! 

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