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Terrence Fogarty, Fried Egg, 14x28 Stretched Canvas, Artist Promotional Patina.


Precision work with Pencil, Paint

Terrence Fogarty’s paintings can sometimes take months to complete.  Meticulous research and attention to detail is the foundation of his art.  For example, if a painting requires a specific type of barn in the background, Fogarty will head out with a camera looking for a barn in the exact setting that he envisions for the painting.  The artist will also utilize live models, staging scenes & recording the details with a camera for reference in a painting.  The studio work starts when the artist stretches up a canvas and begins to sketch his composition in great detail with a pencil.  It might be two weeks before paint hits the canvas.  Fogarty prefers oil paint, because the medium produces rich, vibrant colors & the opportunity to work with paint that stays wet for a long time.  The result sparks scrutiny.  Brush strokes become evident only upon close examination.


The artist usually completes only eight to twelve original works annually, although limited edition, signed & numbered reproductions enable his work to reach a wider audience.  The artist is often commissioned by professional, collegiate and amateur sports organizations to create commemorative paintings and also accepts private commissions when his schedule permits.


Terrence Fogarty, Fried Egg

$500.00 Regular Price
$250.00Sale Price
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