HAND-SIGNED Original Mezzotint by Gatja H. Rothe (1935-2007) from her famous "Large Dance Suite."

This is "School of Flight", which depicts the physical journey of a dancer. 

Other retailers list this at $11,000 because it is truly one of her best works & is absolutely magnificent!

The artist, G.H. Rothe is considered the master of the mezzotint & she spent over 500 hours creating each plate. 
It is signed in the lower right & numbered 14/100 in the lower left.

It is currently framed with all archival materials, however, exterior surfaces have some blemishes & we are offering the PRINT ONLY, unless you want to pick up the complete works (including Frame, Mats & Glazing) in our Minneapolis area shop. The Art Print will be shipped in a heavy duty poster tube.

Certification:   Location of Certificate of Authenticity is NOT currently known.  If it happens to be within the print framing when we disassemble it, we’ll include it with the print.

Condition:   Excellent.  It has apparently been protected in the archival frame for most of its existence.

Measurements:   Image is 24"x26"

The current mat covers part of the paper’s edge & there may be evidence of fading or pressure ridges upon removing print from the frame for shipping.

About the Artist:   G.H. Rothe is renowned as master of the mezzotint.   She combines technical mastery with inspired imagination.   She was born in 1935 in Beuthen, Germany (ceded to Poland in 1945) & her studies in art history, human anatomy, goldsmithing & extensive drawing culminated in her discovery of the mezzotint technique.  Impelled to revive this most difficult technique of printmaking led to an invention in 1972 never accomplished before in mezzotint:  transparency.  Her years of research & constant practice supplied the perfect medium for her vast repertoire of images.
Rothe started all her prints by sketching a simple drawing directly onto the plate with a drypoint tool. She used a rocker to develop the background, rolling & rocking it side to side & piercing the plate with tiny holes for the ink.  Using a drypoint tool she further developed the fine details & figures of the drawing.  Rothe spent approximately 500 hours working on each plate.
Rothe expanded the technique's possibilities to achieve transparencies & an extensive variety of tonalities.  By discovering a way to mix all colors in the same plate, from the darkest to the lightest & hand-wiping them into one another, she was able to create highlights, hues & tones impossible to get when inking each color separately.


Frame is NOT included, unless you pick up the art at our retail store in the Minneapois area, in which case you can have the frame for free.


All Sales Final.

School Of Flight, by G.H. Rothe, Signed & Numbered, Limited Edition

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